Monday, November 29, 2010

Blogs I commented on
I dont feel as if people should be judged based on there skin color. If anything, being mixed should show that they come from not just one race which means that can relate and are more diverse to other races. It is a sad fact that today in the 21st century, racism still exists.
I really respect Martin Luther King for always making a difference but by not using violence as a means of persuasion. Using Ghandi's words, showed that he understands that also Ghandi himself was a supporter of being influential without being violent.
I found the Convocation to be very inspiring. I always used to read Dr. Ben Carson book while in elementary school so I know the type of environment he was raised around. Seeing him now and all of his accomplishments has definitely inspired me to keep striving for more!
I really don't understand why preachers today would do such a thing. They are suppose to be role models for kids and the community but this type of behavior gives them a bad look. This is a serious offense and he deserves whatever consequences that he is faced with.
I really liked the format and the moral of the poem. You have deep appreciation for your sister which shows you have a big heart. I also liked how you used repetition throughout the poem.

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