Friday, November 26, 2010

Interview With Mark Henry (@MarkHenryDC)

The voice behind the tracks, the rhythm of the melody, the mask behind the production is Mr. Mark Henry from the DMV!!! Fueled by the energy of the sensation from music, Mr. Henry delivers with perfection… His words are laced with motivation that inspires his personal structure for beats!!!
Born and raised in Washington, DC, Mark Henry has produced tracks for the likes of Wale, Raheem DeVaughn and Rick Ross.  The hungry producer has gained accolades including a win at Speaker Box 3 in Baltimore and high recognition in Ohio’s Scribble Jam and Red Bull Big Tune in DC.  Since then, he has gone on and gained praise from Fat Joe and helped Raheem DeVaughn start his 368 Music Group. With a big future ahead of him, Mark Henry took the time to talk with stupidDOPE about his career.
How and at what point did you start to compose music? I started composing music back in 05-06. One of my friends made beats on this program called Fruity Loops. As soon as I saw it, I was interested. But, for the first couple of years, it was all fun and games. Nothing serious. In the beginning, my beats were made from all stock sounds. Kinda like what Soulja Boy did when he first dropped. Maybe like a year into it, someone showed me how to sample. That’s when my beats began to sound interesting.
Who are your musical influences? I listen to everything from Hanz Zimmer to Curtis Mayfield to Metallica to Quincy Jones. I’m influenced by sounds. You could put me anywhere on this earth and I’ll probably come up with a dope beat, lol.
How do you describe your music to people? I usually tell people that I can capture a sound for any genre. I think that whatever mood one of my beats was meant to put you in; it will take you there.
What was your first major producing job? I would say my first major producing job was a song I did with Raheem DeVaughn, Freeway, and this other artist from the west coast (I forgot his name) called “Paper Boyz”. The song has still not been released though.
What project that you’ve worked on thus far that was the most rewarding? I think that working Wale’s “More About Nothing” project has gotten my music to circulate a bit more than before. I produced “The MC” and “The Breeze feat. Wiz Khalifa” on the project.
What is your motivation to create new music? So far my life has been my motivation. Every experience I’ve had from the day I was born until this very moment has had an impact on every beat that I compose.
What qualities do you possess that you think have brought you this far? I think it’s my ability to capture any feeling or sound that people can enjoy. I can produce any genre of music.
What’s the biggest lesson you’ve learned as a producer? Nothing is given to you. If you want something in this industry you have to go after it. If you sit around waiting for people to make moves for you, you’ll get nowhere fast.
Name a few of your all time favorite albums? Life After Death, The Blueprint, The Chronic, Jagged Little Pill, R., Nas “Untitled”, Port of Miami, The B.Coming, The Firm, Diplomatic Immunity, 808’s and Heartbreaks, and there’re many more. That’s just off the top.
What song is on repeat on your mp3 player right now? Mickey Facts – Cold Summer
What should fans look forward too for the rest of 2010 and beyond? Look out for Da Phuture’s new single “Stupid Dope Moves”.  Gotta video out now by The Winners Circle called “Til The Lights”. Diego Cash’s new project called “Honorable Mention” (Gotta song on there Called “The Shore Club” feat Rick Ross & Midian). Fat Joe’s new project. Raheem DeVaughn’s new album called “A Place Called Loveland” (Gotta song on there feat. Marsha Ambrosious). Wale’s next project. Wiz Khalifa’s next project. Mickey Factz new album. Jim Jones new album. J. Holiday’s new album. and many many more albums and songs and features… I’m outchea #workin!
Is there anything else you want to share with the fans? To anyone who listens to and enjoys my music, I just want to say thank you. I appreciate it. Here are some ways you can hear some of my music and reach me:
Twitter: MarkHenryDC
Myspace: markhenryproductions
Facebook: MarkHenryDC
DJ Teck provided the images of Mr. Mark Henry!!! DJ Teck is a popular Disc Jockey & photographer in the DMV area!!! The stupid “DOPE” t-shirt worn by Mr. Mark Henry is from the 368 Music Group affiliate Durran Whaley’s clothing line, Envius Couture! The DMV is surfacing with an immense amount of talent!!!
Signed, IamRRA

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