Friday, December 10, 2010

iStandard interview with Sermstyle


Tell our readers alittle bit about yourself ( When did you start producing, influences, etc…).
Ive played around with music my whole life, but didn’t actually start producing songs till around 2004.. I think what really got me hooked was my obsession with Dre’s 2001..Those beats just got me excited and i was like, ok i wanna do that too..
What kind of equipment do you use?
Ive used it all (software wise)..From Fruity to Pro tools..Acid, Cool Edit, Logic. Currently am using a gang of VST’s and my guitarist. Ive just recently built a studio in my home in England and spend everyday in there..I love it..
What are some of the placements you have under your belt and what were some of the inspirations behind the production.
Ive had a busy year this year with records with Buck, Wiz, Vado, Stat, Berg, lil Chuckee and more..
Allot of the time i just make music, i do what feels right…With the record Jaycee Payaso ft. Vado i knew Vado was going to be on that record, so i wanted to blend the Dipset/heatmakerz tempo with khalil style synth/pianos for a real street feel..But allot of the time i just make what feels right in the studio that day and to try something different..
I remember live on Ustream buck was recording the record “Soldier Sermon” and his engineer had the track on repeat just rocking back and forth saying “how the hell has he made this”..
How did you connect with Young Buck, Wiz Khalifa, Vado, Stat Quo, Yung Berg, Cashis and Lil Chuckee to secure your recent placements?
I could talk for hours on how these all happened so i’ll cover a few haha..Young Buck, i sent him some records on twitter..haha..since then i just hit him via email, i have a few records with Buck, he was my first major artist in 2010..much respect to of the realest..
Wiz Khalifa..the record Still Blazin..I sent that to a producer who was helping DJ Rockstar ( Ill Will) look for records and he loved it..Rockstar hit me back on bbm saying he sent it to Wiz for a new mixtape he was working on (Kush & OJ)..I had no idea that mixtape/record would have such an impact/coverage…its insane, just search twitter anytime #stillblazin …
Lil Chuckee, when Young Money started blowing up all over the Internet, i was like wow..started to check em out and seen Wayne signed Chuckee at 15(?) i had to get him records..So i just reached out on twitter yet again..and out of god knows how many submitting records i get a call back Bigman..
With the success of producer Alex Da Kid do you feel pressured to relocate?
Most defiantly. Using the Internet can only take you so far..Being out there and chopping it up with the artists, can only lead to stronger relationships and who knows who you might pass in the studio..Another UK producer who’s out there doing it, Dready..He over in NY working with Busta, had Banks single and a gang of other shit..So its defiantly on my mind..
What is your ultimate goal as a producer?
To have work that’s respected both here in the UK and USA..and for other producers to go “how the fuck did he make that” haha
What advice do you have for other producers overseas about networking in the states?
Its very hard..but with the Internet the world is a small place now..everyone is reachable. its just knowing who to reach. Relationships!!!
What is next for Razeone Records?
My label is currently in a development stage with a UK artist, Jaycee Payaso, were working on slowly pushing him up through UK and USA placements and his own records..He already has work with Young Money artist Lil Chuckee, Stat, Vado and UK heavy weights Wiley and Bashy..
Are their any upcoming placements we should look out for?
Nothing that’s confirmed so i wouldn’t want to ruin things haha..But am working everyday on records and building a strong team around me to get them to the right people.
Any Shoutouts?
Shoutout to all those ive worked with, iStandardProducers and to Hip-Hop..i love it and live

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