Monday, January 24, 2011

David Banner to Score 'Footloose' Remake, 'Street Fighter' Game

David Banner to Score 'Footloose' Remake, 'Street Fighter' Game
David Banner spoke to XXL about his work on the upcoming 'Footloose' remake and latest 'Street Fighter' game.
Between placements in Gatorade and Motorola commercials and the release of his own critically acclaimed project with 9th Wonder Death of a Pop Star, David Banner has been keeping busy. Now, in a recent interview with XXL, the famed Mississippi rapper and producer revealed that he is tackling new forms of media by scoring the upcoming Footloose remake and the next installment of the Street Fighter video game series.
"I just finished doing something for [the new] Street Fighter [game]," he said. "I also did the music for the Megamind trailer and the score for Footloose." (
He later added, "I’m blessed, because not many artists get the opportunities that I get...I’m so humbled for these opportunities. This is something I can do for the rest of my life." (
News of Banner's upcoming film work comes after the announcement of his recent induction into the Mississippi Musicians Hall of Fame. He is also currently preparing his sixth solo album MTA 3: The Trinity Movement.
-Sean Ryon

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