Wednesday, January 5, 2011

The Important Thing Is To Do What You Love

Let me start by saying that there are a million lessons you can take from this story
  • The power of online video and social media
  • Negative effects of drugs and alcohol
  • How it is possible to turn your life around
The list goes on and on.
But, I'm going with perseverance.  To be more specific:  the perseverance to never give up on the course of finding what you love to do in life.
I'm sure you've heard it a million times before.  Work hard, stay the course...I have nothing really new to say about the subject.
Only that I LOVE to see examples of it.  Examples of folks who have really worked their tails off and climbed to the top of whatever mountain they were scaling. 
I'll spare you my inspirational hard work story - but basically, in every area of my life, I've lacked the natural ability to easily achieve what seemed to come so easy to others.  From sports, to music, to school and business.
But I seemed to have been blessed with some sort of higher capacity for hard work.  And not just hard work, but perseverance.
Then again, most of us really do work hard.  Right?
So, maybe hard work isn't the ticket.
Maybe it all comes down to being steadfast in pursuing what you love to do. 
Yep, I think that's the ticket.
After that - the hard work, the perseverance, everything after that will just fall in line.  It just comes natural.
So over the years, rather than puff my chest out at how hard I work.  I hunker down and focus on making sure I'm heading in the exact direction I want to go.
In any case, I'm sure by now you've heard of Ted Williams - the Golden Radio voice man from my hometown of Columbus, OH.  Ted lost his career and became homeless after falling into drugs and alcohol.
But he loves radio.
So refocused and decided to march back in that direction.
Ted hand-crafted a sign that told passers-by about his voice.  Offering an on the spot voice over to those passersby for some change.
Sort of like busking, if you will.  Only A-capella and no singing.  Just a voice from the gods.
Word of his talent started to spread.  A local newspaper caught him on video.  And as of this morning job offers have been flying in from everywhere.  The Cleveland Cavs offered him a job and a mortgage on a house.
Check out the videos below.  And I hope this year, or next, you start to move towards doing more of what you love to do.
You owe it to yourself.

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