Sunday, February 20, 2011

R. Kelly and Tupac Had Been Planning An Album Together?

Apparently Tupac could have added a rap and R&B joint album to the long list of trends he’s started. Speaking with XXL Magazine, R. Kelly revealed that he and Pac spoke on releasing a full-length album years before he and Hov released theirs.
“Well, ‘I Wish’ was basically about Tupac about first,” Kellz told XXL. “I met Tupac in L.A.- the [Hotel Nikko] and he was rolling by in his drop-top-whatever hot car. I seen him, and yelled out, “Pac! Pac” He was driving by, rolling by himself. I’m like, this ni**a got a lot of balls to be rolling by himself! So he made a U-Turn, jumped out the car. ‘What up, my ni**a?’ So we kicked it for a minute. I said, ‘Dude, we need to do an album.’ See, The Best Of Both Worlds was for me and Tupac first. ‘I Wish’ was gonna be the first song that we were gonna do.”
Kellz recorded with Biggie several times, but never with Pac. I think Kellz and Pac are compatible. They definitely could have laced some classic songs. I can hear Pac reciting some vintage over the “I Wish” beat as we speak. What do you guys think? SOUND OFF!

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