Monday, November 7, 2011

The Grand Cinema 2: "All or Nothing" by JS aka The Best

The Grand Cinema 2: "All or Nothing" is the sophomore instrumental album from record producer JS aka The Best.  Showing a huge amount of progression, JS takes you on a journey as he re-invents the entertainment industry most popular movie themes into a brand new refreshing sound along with many thought-provoking skits throughout the album giving it a very cinematic feel.

Album Tracklist

1. The Grand Cinema Theme
2. Pokemon Skit
3. Pokemon Theme
4. Iron Man skit
5. Iron Man 3 Theme
6. The Avengers skit
7. The Avengers Theme
8. Superman skit
9. Superman: Man of Steel Theme
10. Halo skit
11. Halo 4 Theme
12. Grand Theft Auto skit
13. Grand Theft Auto V Theme
14. The Dark Knight skit
15. The Dark Knight Rises Theme
16. Rising Icon: JS aka The Best

Bonus Track
Jay-Z - On The Rise To The Top feat. JS aka The Best