Sunday, December 19, 2010

Diddy Found A Way To Make New Yorkers Mad

Diddy‘s ways of promoting his latest album Last Train To Paris left many people in New York angry. 
In order to promote his album differently than the rest, Diddy decided to have the subway station signs for a few of the stops in New York switched out to say “Last Train To Paris 12.14.10″. As well, he also had people dressed as conductors at various stops yelling out “Last Train To Paris”.
Here’s what the NY Daily News reports:
“People dressed as train conductors also took to stations and hollered, “All aboard! Last train to Paris!” Inevitably, the switcheroo confused some tourists. “It could definitely mess me up. It’s my first time in the subway,” Virginian Katie Hubbell, 20, complained in the N.Y. Daily News. “Paris could be a part of the city.” Said a Prince St. station worker as he removed one of the signs, “It’s stupid. The signs confuse people. We have a lot of tourists. They don’t know. This is just confusing people.”
So I ask… Is this creative or too much???

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