Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dr. Dre and Zynga Make Lucrative Music

Zynga is working hard to ensure that its social games stay nice and addictive. In a blocklister deal, Zynga has inked a music partnership with legendary rapper/producer Dr. Dre for its popular “Mafia Wars” title. This will be the first ever in-game music partnership that the company has made.
For those of you unfamiliar with the title, “Mafia Wars” casts players in the role of a burgeoning crime boss looking to build their crime family. Players earn cash and experience by performing and mastering jobs. Bosses can add to their growing crime syndicate by recruiting friends into their mob (hence, all the invites you may be receiving on Facebook) or they can purchase additional muscle. According to TechCrunch, the game currently has 19 million people a month playing on Facebook and iPhone.
Along with limited edition virtual goods such as headphones and weapons, game aficionados will have the ability to access the artist’s new video “Kush” from his long-awaited “Detox” album. They will also be able to purchase the new  track in-game via an iTunes link. And if the “Hustlin’ wit Dre” section is any indication, players will have the opportunity to put in some work for the D-O-C.
This isn’t Zynga’s first go-round with celebrity partnership. The company partnered with Snoop Dogg this summer where the rapper participated in a live stunt where a 4-ton armored truck was detonated. Explosive indeed. The partnership was extremely successful with approximately two million viewers tuning in to see the truck demolition and 10 million visitors to the site in the first two weeks.
This is a good look for both sides of the collabo. Dr. Dre receives free promotion for the new album while Zynga and “Mafia Wars” rake in the traffic. The artist hasn’t been shy about making his mark in the tech world as evidenced by the partnerships with Monster and HP which have been well received by the public. The promotion starts today so if you’ve been playing or going to start, it’s time  to get to work homie.
-Sherri L. Smith

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