Friday, December 3, 2010

iStandard iNterview With Andrew Hypes [DC Showcase Winner]

What’s your production name and where are you from?
Well I go by either Andrew Hypes or Student C Productions and I’m from Waynesboro Virginia, a small small town located in the middle of basically nowhere lol
How would you describe your sound and or production style?

I really don’t know how to explain it, I would say extremely different. I try and incorporate EVERYTHING into a track, whether its live drums, live instruments , cricket sounds lol anything. I feel like I am bringing something completely different to the game. A little soul mixed with Rock with Rap with Gospel meets George Clinton lol that’s a lot to follow but i just think I’m wayyyyyyy outside of the box.
What do you use in the studio to create?
 I use Reason 5, MPC 1000, Roland Fantom-s, and Fruity Loops. I try not to limit myself to one thing vs. using as many resources as possible as there’s more room for creativity.
Are you currently working with any new artists?
Yes absolutely an artist on the same indie label as me (Heavy Green Ent) his name is Bobby Capri and another artist I picked up recently is Chief Grime. Both of these artist are from my neck of the woods. Expect CRRAAAZZZYYY music from these guys! Also a group named A.M.B (All Minds Bonded). Check them out!!
Congrats on winning the iStandard Producer Showcase in DC. Describe the overall experience and how it feels to be recognized as someone with next level talent?
It feels good!! I’m extremely blessed and have been doing this for 3 and 1/2 years but feel like it’s been a decade! I work extremely hard and want to bring this new style of mine to the forefront.
What type of advice did the judges give you? Do you feel it was accurate?

They said to start pushing for placements because the majority of my records in the showcase all had hooks and in their opinions were “Ready to go”! I feel that what they said is the truth. I try to put out the best music and have the best people around me. My team is full of go-getters. Shout out to the Heavy Green Team!
What’s next on your agenda?
Continue to work with upcoming artists, get a placement and if it’s meant to be do well in New York City at Beast of The Beats!!
Thank you very much for this opportunity! God Bless -Andrew Hypes

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